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Marcus Estevam Lauriano Ramos

Personal Information

Name: Marcus Estevam Lauriano Ramos
Age: 50
City of birth: Porto Alegre
Country: Brazil
Marital status: married.

Last Job

2003 - 2008 Gigacom Wireless (São Paulo - SP)

Tech Manager

  • Pre-Sales Engineering & Product Application.

  • Development Manager.

  • X-Band Military Satcom System installation.

  • RF engineering, RF hardware design, R&D.

  • Waveguide microwave filters design.

  • X-Band SSPA maintenance.

  • Microwave transceivers design.

  • ANATEL hardware certification.


2002 - 2002 Metodista University (S. Paulo – SP)

  • Psychology, approved at 11th place, uncompleted.

1980 - 1982 Catholic University (P. Alegre – RS)

  • Electronic Engineering, uncompleted.

1980 - 1982 Catholic University (P. Alegre – RS)

  • Physics, uncompleted.

1977 - 1979 Cruzeiro do Sul School (P. Alegre – RS)

  • High School, structural drawing.

1971 - 1976 Military School (P. Alegre – RS)

  • Secondary school.

1967 - 1970 G. E. Vera Cruz (P. Alegre – RS)

  • Primary school.


Professional Experience

1999 - 2002 Globocabo S/A (São Paulo - SP)

Tech Manager

  • SDH Network Specification and RFP evaluation.

  • Embedded Systems analysis during Y2K bug tests.

  • CATV Headends consolidation (S.Paulo city).

  • Tech support to internet over CATV network business deployment.

  • IP Traffic modeling and IP capacity specification.

  • Tech support to CATV HFC plant noise heal.

  • Digital TV acceptance under consumer point of view.

  • Dark fiber rental costs versus long distance capacity swap.


1993 - 1998 Multicanal Telecom S/A (S.Paulo & R. de Janeiro)

Tech & Headend Manager

  • Design, deployment and operation: 14 Headends (Barco, Scientific Atlanta and GI hardware, Andrew and ATCI satellite antennas).

  • Crew training: HFC plant activation and balance (bi-directional network).

  • HFC Equipment specification and network design.

  • HFC network alignment and maintenance procedures.

  • Cable Modem trial (Zenith hardware, 1997).

  • TDM Telephony over HFC trial (Tellabs hardware, 1997).

  • Private CATV channel technical specs (Silicon Graphics hardware, satellite data upload, 1998)


1991 - 1992 Radio e TV Educativa (P. Alegre - RS)

Tech Director assessor

  • Maintenance and restoration of a 32 stations TV repeater network, statewide.


1986 – 1991 Self Employee (P. Alegre - RS)

Electronics and Audio Technician

  • Deployment of several AM, FM and Short Wave broadcast stations (studios, antennas and STL) and TV repeaters.

  • Preventive and corrective maintenance on TV repeaters (terrestrial and by satellite), AM and FM broadcast transmitters, HF-SSB transceivers and VHF/UHF-FM transceivers.

  • Preventive and corrective audio equipment maintenance (broadcast and recording studios).

  • Direct sound technician (live recording) to TV advertisement and movies.

  • Sound Engineering and PA sound operator (shows, studio, recording, mixing and for TV).

  • Loudspeaker enclosures design and manufacture.

  • Audio amplifiers design and manufacture.

  • Studios and Night Clubs acoustic project.

  • Manufacture process supervision at Trivox musical equipment factory (partner).

1980 – 1986 Radio & TV Gaucha (P. Alegre – RS)

Maintenance Technician

  • Preventive and corrective maintenance (RCA 25KW and an Acrodyne 5KW TV Transmitters).

  • Preventive and corrective maintenance (RCA 20KW FM Transmitter).

  • Preventive and corrective maintenance (Harris 2.5GHz microwave links, MACom 2.5 and 13 GHz microwave links).

  • FM and TV audio studios maintenance and construction.

  • Preventive and corrective maintenance (open reel tape recorders, microphones, cartridges, amplifiers, mixing consoles).

  • Microwave and VHF TV transmitting antennas installation.

  • Scientific Atlanta satellite ground Station installation (as an auxiliary technician).


Publications and Speeches

  • Speech at ABRANET Forum (Sep 07): High speed PTP microwave links applied to ISP & WISP.

  • Speech at P. Alegre Wireless Forum (May 07): High speed PTP microwave links to Public Services & Government.

  • Speech at Metodista University (Jun 05): DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale), a new standard to digital radio broadcast.

  • Technical articles at QTC Magazine, an Amateur Radio oriented publication, 5000 issues, six times a year, in Portuguese.

  • Personal web site where I share technical information with the Amateur Radio community (, more than 45000 hits, in Portuguese).

  • Speech at ANATEL Y2K seminar (1999): Embedded Systems Inventory strategy.

  • Speech at BRISA IT development seminar (2000):Multi-vendor Network Managing platforms integration strategy adopted at Globocabo.

  • Speech at SET (1994), CATV seminar: CATV basics.


Other Activities

  • Software Beta-tester: database built to register amateur radio contacts (see AALog at .

  • Software Beta-tester: DSP noise reduction software, sound card based (see

  • Took part in a ionospheric chirp sounding monitoring project to study HF radio propagation, using a Motorola DSP development platform (coordinator: Peter Martinez), article published by Radio Society of Great Britain at RadCom´s July and August 2000 issues (see

  • VHF-DX newsgroup coordinator (technical group, 250 members, more than 8000 messages exchanged, about VHF and up radio propagation and other technical subjects, in Portuguese).

  • Comments at Public Audiences of ANATEL - the Brazilian FCC equivalent – about Non-ionizing radiation rule making and at 10.0 to 10.5GHz radio spectrum use.

  • Amateur Radio rule making process, contributing to spectrum allocation and technological convergence issues.




Amateur Radio, since 1975. Research from ULF to laser, Software Defined Radios, Moonbounce, meteor scatter communication, VHF and up long distance propagation, digital HF modes, low noise amplifiers construction, MosFet power amplifiers construction, software use to design antennas, microwave and electronics circuits, IEEE 802.11 data networks, packet radio data networks, slow and fast scan television, low orbit satellite use, antennas construction, satellite weather images reception (APT & HRPT).

Music: since 1967, playing acoustic guitar and acoustic bass.




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